Tuesday, September 7, 2010

World of Warcraft Addiction Stories

Are you addicted to WoW? Warcraft addictions seem to be fairly common. I’m definitely not saying there is anything wrong with video game addictions. We all need to have at least one addiction or two in life. Video game addiction is better for you than say an addiction to crack or meth, plus video games don’t turn your lips purple, at least in most put together an interesting collection of WoW addictions. Head over there to check it out sometime and see if any of the stories sound familiar. Some of these stories are on the sad side, but they are part of life. Fortunately whenever my girlfriend complains about me playing too many games, I can tell her it’s for work and everything is good.
I find all of this a bit strange. My wife is addicted to WOW. I dont know what to do. she plays with every free moment she has. Ever since BC came out she has been playing nonstop. My problem with it is all the time dedicated to playing. She spends more time with her online friends, which are all guys, than she does with me. I have also found that she has one of her online friends phone number and they are conversing out of the game.
I am at my wits end. I feel i should call this guy and let him know she is married and not on Wow to hook up but i am afraid of what the consequences of doing that will be. I am this close to filing for divorce. And when i do i will send blizzard and dell a thank you for ruining my marriage. without them (blizzard and dell) i think i would still have my wife.


  1. well at least I'm not wasting my time on the internet ahahaha oh wait....



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